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Betoya Bay
Sub-Bottom Profiling - Substructure
Nador West Med Port
Seismic reflection data

Nador West Med

We have  envolved during pre-construction stage in geophysic, bathymetric, geodetic surveying. We carried ou several surveys to serve design works and implementation phase of the one ofthe greatest harbour in North Africa.

Geodetic Framework Control of topographic and hydrographic baseline.
Multibeam bathymetric survey
Bathymetric and geophysical study of the future Moroccan oil transshipment port located at the estuary of the Oued Kert (This port will be larger than the largest port in Africa, Tangier Med)
Geophysical study of the large mudflat at Bay Betoya
Characterization of the seabed and sediment sampling
Size investigative 1,200 Ha, length of seismic approximately 250Km

  • Date : 2013-2016
  • Country : Morocco
  • Client : Nador West Med
  • Technics : Multibeam Echo Sounding, Sub Bottom Profiling, GNSS