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Mauritanian High Voltage Transmission Line and Infrastructure

Nouakchott, Mauritania, (January 2018) – Our member team has been selected to perform geodetic and Lidar Airborn survey works for construction of a new 450-kilometer electric transmission power corridor.

 Connecting Mauritania’s two largest cities, the capital Nouakchott and to the south Nouadhibou, the 225/90Kv transmission line parallels the Atlantic Ocean as it traverses the Sahara Desert.

The extension of the substation at Duale power station in Nouakchott;

Construction of a new 225/90/33kV substation at Boulenouar;

Construction of a new substation at Nouadhibou 90/15kV;

Construction of a new 225/90/33kV substation in Chami (optional)

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